Friday, October 27, 2017

Decluttering/Cleaning ---Christmas is 2 months away

Clorox cleaner-- Perfect cleaner for my white cabinets.

 I looked at the calendar and realized...'OH MY", it
is getting really close to Christmas. [2 months-eeeh]
I like to do a semi- declutter and cleaning before
decorating for Christmas.. So.. I  have started..
I used the clorox cleaner  to clean kitchen cabinets
and counters. Works really well. I also , cleaned the
inside of the cabinets too. One room down.. and much
more to come..

Kitchen is all clean, and  lots of clutter throwed away or

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Dining area.. all clean and ready for Christmas decor,
in just a little while..

Or you ready for  the Christmas holidays? 

Someone ask me.. why clean 2 months before Christmas??
I do several "spring cleanings" during the year, To me, 
it is so much less work if I clean and declutter

 more often.  

Maintaining.. I try to maintain the work I do. My tips 
for this is:

1- make your bed every morning, before leaving the room.
2- De-clutter one room/drawer/or cabinet of any items you
don't use, each day  or every couple days. 
3- Use my clorox cleaner to  clean counter tops each
night after cleaning  up kitchen .
4- Sweep through the house each night..
5-Bathroom-- The last trip  to the bathroom at night...
 I always take my clorox wipes and  wipe  down the 
 sink/cabinet and tolit seat and top.[note- this makes
my  weekly bathroom deep cleaning much easier.. And

the bathroom always looks pretty clean.6-Laundry-- [it is much easier now that my kids 
are grown and gone].. But I still hate that So,
I attempt to stay on top of it, When a load gets dirty,
I  wash them.. dry and put away.
NOTE-- I found a tip on internet years ago.. It said to 
do the "one touch"job..  Whatever you touch , you finish!

Have a great day...


  1. I've been planning on decluttering my kitchen for ever. Refrigerator and chest freezer done thanks to the storm Irma and loosing power. Your house always looks nice and clean!

    1. Thank you Faye. The kitchen is the hardest room to declutter/clean to me.. I decided to do it first, so it would get
      Sorry about Irma and the loss of power.. Did you loose all your freezer stuff? When we went through an ice storm years ago.. We loss power for 22 days and loss everything..
      ps My house doesn't always look nice and

  2. Thank you for sharing how you clean! I agree that doing a big cleaning a few times a year sounds much better than trying to do it all at once. I have not deep cleaned since before my three-year-old was born, how embarrassing. I should follow your example and get things nice for Christmas!

    1. Dianna, I was forced to declutter/clean when we sold our house [of living in for 35 yrs]. It was awful, I didn't realize how much "junk" I The big once a year deep clean is too much.. And I seem to able to maintain the work, if I do it ever few months [and I try to watch kitchn cabinets/drawers and get rid of old junk???

  3. Great tips Judy! I hate the laundry too. I love the one touch rule the best.

    1. Thank you Vickie. The one touch rule has been fantastic for me too.. I read it some where on internet[wish I could remember and give credit to whomever did it??] I will go to drop my coat/purse or whatever on table .. And think.. NO Judy.. don't make yourself , have to pick that up 10 This has really cut down on my house cleaning..

  4. I should try to do what you are doing, Judy. At least, I've been able to maintain what I cleaned for the prayer gathering. Now, I need to do the rest of the house.

    1. Bless, it is a never ending chore, isn't it.. After your big prayer gathering.. Know you are tired.. Your house looked really pretty and clean to me..

  5. I need to clean my sty I mean my house. Daughter coming tomorrow with grandson and I still haven't finished wedding dress. Blah. Your house looks great!

    1. Thank you..
      You have so much to do..When I was sewing on ebay, I could not do all the cleaning.. Just not enough hours in the day. smile. Best wishes on getting all the gowns and stuff done.

  6. How funny I just bought this cleaner today. Its always my go to cleaner. I'm with you declutter time. Yikes hard to believe Christmas is 2 months away

  7. It is so unbelievable that Christmas is so close.. smile
    I hope to get the house in order, so I can just "enjoy" the season..
    I love the clorox cleaner.. It really works great, and helps get rid of lots of food smells.

  8. I can't believe Christmas is so close! The room in my house that desperately needs decluttering is my sewing room...but I don't know when I will get around to that. Your home always has so much charm.

    1. Thank you Tomasa..
      When I had my other house, I had a sewing room [I really miss it] but it ALWAYS needed decluttering.ha

  9. You've inspired me to think of a new word - Thrownating. Where you donate stuff instead of throwing it away!

    1. Maryanne, that's a good word... I will have to remember it... Thrownating..
      smart lady.. smile

  10. I love your ideas and tips! Wonderful advice, my friend! Your house looks SO pretty!

    1. THank you Cheryl.. So much to do... and so little time.ha Have a great day.

  11. I have been trying to get a bit of cleaning done before Thanksgiving, but I have quite a ways to go. I will keep at it, though. I'm glad you are getting yours done:)

  12. Becky , me too...
    I sit down this morning and made a list for Thanksgiving [cooking , grocery shopping, and cleaning...still so much to do.. but I love it.