Monday, January 2, 2012

Emily Morgan --Wizard of Oz Dress-- Christmas Gift

Emily Morgan...Loves Wizard of Oz.. so what better Christmas gift than this dress?

Fabric- found on Ebay
Pattern- Simplicity [Project Runway] 2444 [she is so tiny, The smallest size on this pattern is 4. I had to cut it down to a size 1..
Bow Belt - Sunni's bowmaking belt tutorial

TIme to complete- 4 hours
Will she wear again--- She said, she loves it and will wear it alot!!! She had picked this pattern out , a long time ago..She said,it looks 'vintagey"..And she is  really getting into the vintage patterns.


  1. Emily looks so pretty and that is a lovely dress, she will treasure it I'm sure x

  2. That's adorable. I love the red belt and cuffs - and the ruby slippers just complete it perfectly.

  3. Good Morning Judy!

    I've been meaning to stop by for ever so long...but time just seemed to slip by. Thank you so much for all of your prayers for my are truly a special lady.

    I absolutely LOVE this dress! I, too, am a Dorothy fan. This fabric is amazing! Your granddaughter is so precious...such a little princess. What a wonderful grammie she I am sure she knows!

    Have a very blessed day, my friend, and the most joyous of New Years yet!

    With love,

  4. this is an amazing dress Judy, brilliant! This to along with Gone with the wind and Mary Poppins is a favorite of mine. We had it playing on a projector onto the wall during a meal after our wedding!
    Happy New Year my friend, look forward to seeing your creations for 2012

  5. Thankyou Girls.. I apprecaite your sweet comments.

  6. adorable - that red sash really looks great with that shade of blue!

  7. Thankyou Rachel and Margo..I appreciate your sweet comments .And I know Emily will too. She is enjoying hre new dress.

  8. Oh so very very wonderful. What a blessed girl. I wish my daughters would be agreeable to such things.