Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals for 2012

                                                          Sewing 2012

I must say, I did not do a New Years Resolution for 2012.. But  here is a list of  things I would like to accomplish this year.

1- My prayers is for  renewed health for each of my family. But mostly prayers for Kenny with his upcoming back surgery.

2- I pray , I will set an example for my kids, grandkids, and friends, That they would see the Lord in me. That I would be seen doing His will, And I would grow in His Grace.

3- Sewing --- this hobby brings so much joy and contentment in my life.. Did I say, I love it!! I find so much enjoyment from sewing itself, buying fabric /patterns, and talking to other like minded people.

   A. My goal is to "try" to use as much of my fabric stash , as possiable. And to buy less fabric..  I know, I will still buy fabric/patterns.. It just make me so happy!!! But I will refrain as much as possiable.

    B. My  goal is to really work on --making my garment fit better, and make the insides look as good as the outside. [Thankyou Cathe, you have instilled this in  me].

   C. I really want to learn to grade patterns, and learn to fit muslins better.

   D.  I would love to find more time, to read and study the many sewing books ,that I have.

  E. Continue to work on dieting. I lost 25 pounds in 2011 [I think Christmas holidays brough back about 5-6 pounds.eeeh]. I want to  loose another 20. This will help my health. It is a slow process, but I want it to stay off, and fast weight lost seems to return to  me.ha

All in all,  I am looking forward to fun sewing year, and sharing more of my sewing on my blog.
  Happy 2012!!!


  1. Best of luck with all of these! I'm with you on the lose weight,stash busting and read books, if I read what I have then I can buy MORE!!

  2. A good, solid, doable list. I pray you'll achieve this in the coming year.