Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wizard of Oz

How Many Ways ...Can you do Wizard of Oz

How about a Pillowcase Dress [With embroidered shoes and 'It's no place like home"

Judy's Violet Colette Pattern - Dorothy Blouse
[Even  a grandma ..needs a little bit of the Wizard of Oz]

Emily Morgan [my sweet grandaughter] in her wizard of Oz  Dorothy fabric dress

Callie Noelle [my sweet gandaughter] in her Wizard of Oz Petal knot dress.
Don't  you just love the embroidered stick characters on this apron?

One of my favorite classic movies is..Can you guess? The wizard of oz. My oldest grandaughter Emily, had the great honor to play a munchin in our BLue Mountain College production of the Wizard of Oz. She was 9 yrs on at the time. Well ,her little sister , Callie was so upset, because she was too young to be cast in the play. So,  I had to make her a Dorothy dress to wear on opening night.[See Maw knows how to fix all hurts!! lol..] She got as much attention as  the college girl that was  playing Dorothy.  This dress was a  regular Dorothy dress with white blouse and all. I wish, I had a picture..But ,I couldnt find it.Take my word for it..She was adorable!! [now, doesnt that sound like a Maw?lol]
Since that beginning Dorothy dress.. I just keep making more of them.. Wonder what will come next?


  1. it's one of my favourites too. x x x

    1. Charolette, Its fun for the kids too..Isnt it?

  2. Judy! Judy! Judy!

    These are just too precious! I am incredibly envious! Could you just "loan" me your sweet little granddaughters for awhile? I can't wait to have my own to sew for! These "Oz" outfits...oh, my, what I wouldn't have given to have one when I was a little girl. You must have an embroidery lucky duck! I showed my mom...and she just fell in love with the "ruby slippers". She was amazed that there are machines that can do all sorts of embroidered images. I keep watching "craigslist"...I would love to have one of my own someday.

    It's snowing again here in Maine...just a light powdery snow...I've got the cookstove cranked and I'm cleaning out my sewing room...a much needed chore after the holidays!

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Laura,thankyou so much.. Apprecaite your always sweet comments.
      I love,love my embroidery machine.I wanted all the years Cindy [my daughter was growing up].I always begged Santa Claus for one, but he said, your too Then about 4 ys ago Santa surprised me with this.. and it is absolutely amazing.. I love it. I think I enjoy collecting the designs ,as much as using them..Oops ,I just told off on myself..I not only hoard up fabric/sewing supplies..but embroidery designs too.ha
      My sweet grandaughters are just fantastic.. I have one grandson.. Poor boy surrounded by all these girls..He REALLY doesn't think its fair.. So he would love to send a couple of them to you.ha

    2. Good Morning Judy!

      Oh, I'm so happy for you...what kind of embroidery machine do you have? There are so many out there...just like sewing...and I don't know too many folks around here that have one. You must be in craft heaven...just think of all the possibilities!

      Perhaps you should just send your grandson this way...he'd probably love hanging around in our "guy" know, trucks, fishing, clamming, tractors, grease, dirt, ball, hunting, mud, dirt,...did I say "dirt"?
      He'd probably fit right in!LOL!

      Have a wonderful day, dear one,