Monday, January 16, 2012

Sewing To Do List

                                                     SEWING -2012

               Christmas is over.. and the New Year has come in  with a bang.  I have many ideas and sewing plans for this year..
                I really want to improve my sewing ,  And I would love to take  a couple sewing classes and improve my sewing, or learn some new techinques.
Some things on my to do list:

1- I want to make the Oliva Walton wrap dress again. I want to work on the bodice and get the
fit better.

2- I want to work on some of the Colette patterns in the new Colette sewing book..

3- I bought a couple Indygo Junction tunic patterns, and I want to try them.


  1. That sounds like a sensible list. I'm doing the Colette sew along so I'm on my first project now.

  2. Charolette,
    I saw the collette sew a long , it sounds wonderful. And I considered doing it too. But since Kenny has surgery in Feb.. I am not sure , how much I will be able to commit to it.So, I will just be watching on the sidelines and enjoying all of your post.. I will probably be making alot of them along the way too.. Happy sewing.

  3. I like your list - the Colette pattern book is high on my list too.

    Thinking of you and Kenny xxx

  4. Thanks Charolette. Maybe you and I both will get some colette sewing done..[maybe? ha]