Saturday, November 10, 2012

Judy's Sewing Room Redo

Remember the  horrible desk chair.. Doesn't it look
better? Fabric from thrift store.$3.00 find.
Desk top was covered with wall paper [red check with
white lines..]This find came from a local carpet store.

Bookshelf .. I added the wall paper to the back of
the shelves.It is pretty in person [Oh how I
wish I could take decent photos.!!] Cathe,
do you see the sewing machine emblem
on it? thankyou!

An old rolling table, with a pull out shelf,
finds  a prettier life. Kenny brought this home
to me , from a friend who was going to
oust it. It is perfect for my embroidery machine,
since it has to be rolled to my computer to
be used.. But now it has a new look!!! Just wait
and see!!!

Curtains made from a white sheet I found at
the thrift store for $2. It is really pretty, It
is white stripes on white..Then I made the topper
out of  red/white gingham check fabric on the
bottom, with a white/pink/red/vintage floral
fabric.  I just love this little corner!!!

Embroidery Machine Table.. Now ,isn't she alot
prettier with her new red/white gingham check
skirt, with a new pink/red/blue floral vintage
fabric table topper! Whenever I am ready to
embroider, I just roll her over the computer.
Perfect Free Table and a wonderful , thoughtful

 I thought I would show you...I even
cleaned out my sewing desk drawer, to
show you I cleaned it.. But...did
you notice that I didn't open the closet and
cuppard doors to show photos of
all my "ABUNDANT" fabrics..[Because,
I didn't get around to cleaning and
refolding it..] Oooops... I shouldn't
tell off on myself.ha



  1. It looks fantastic! I especially love the chair. The fabric is so pretty, and you've done a great job.

  2. Thankyou Dianna,
    I have really enjoyed the make over.. The chair is so much better.. I have had it for years... and it looked awful..So proud I took the time to give it a new life,ha.

  3. I love your sewing room... It's so pretty with pink

    1. Thankyou Rachel.. I wish my photos were better [I stink at taking photos.ha and I need a new camera too]. I really like the touch of pink added to all the red..
      I love your new sewing room too.. FUn isn't it?

  4. You did a great job. I think I would spend all my free time in there :-)

    1. Thank you Stacie.. I love it.. It is much prettier in person.. Almost [NOT] too pretty
      to mess up sewing. lol
      I have been spending alot of time in it.. Working on some winter clothes.. Having fun sewing.

  5. Good Morning Judy!

    Boy, you have been a busy girl!!! I just LOVE your new sewing room...the chair came out fabulous...and the curtains...and the bookshelf...and the embroidery table...the list just goes on and on! I've been reorganizing my little "nook"...way too much fabric!!! I definitely need to get busy sewing...sounds like the winter we are supposed to get will give me plenty of indoor time...LOL!

    Hope you both are well and have a wonderful November!

    With love,

  6. Thank you Laura, I have been busy.. But it was fun [and I left off all my everyday cleaning duties ,except have to things.ha..] So now.. it's time to quit playing and do some cleaning...The holidays are getting close..
    I too have way too much fabric. But, I keep on buying!!!!!! I think it is "habit forming".lol
    We are doing ok.. Sending prayers for you too.

  7. Your sewing room is absolutely LOVELY!!!!! I love the pinks!!!

    1. Thank you Stacy.. It was fun working on it, I still have some more things to do to it.. But ,now its time to SEW... I have been missing my sewing garments.ha

  8. I don't think I could ever get over the fear of having the sewing needle go in my finger!

  9. I love everything you did to this room! It is a beautiful make over and so inspirational! Just perfect!