Monday, June 13, 2011

Easter 2011.. Cindys kids

Chandler, Callie,and Emily
Easter Pictures ,2011.. I made Callie's salmon and white polka dot dress. Cindy and I went shopping to try to find a dress to match Emily's. We found nothing to fit her.. She is sooo tiny. I had this fabric in my stash..It matched perfectly..

Callie , Chandler[Emily and Callie's step brother] and Emily

Emily [My beautiful grandauther]

Callie and Emily[ I love you girls. You are both sooo pretty..]

Callie ,Emily and Chandler

Chandler, Emily and Callie [Taken at BLue Mountain College.. how pretty..]


  1. Judy, you have a beautiful family. I wanted to let you know that I just linked you website today on my Post about the traveling notions, so you maybe wanna have a look.

    I had added your photo as one of my favorite looks.

    Tomorrow I am having a giveaway and the day after i will show my dress from this challenge ! lots of love !

  2. I love all the sweet dresses you make your granddaughters. They are so charming!