Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge - June 26th UFO [part 2]

   This weeks sew weekly challenge is- UFO'S part 2. I had this dress [skirt and blouse] that I had made several weeks  back.. It was a vingage pattern[McCalls 6842], it required lots of pattern grading.. which was awful. I made 2 muslins and still it didnt fit right.
     I loved it.But before it was over...I really disliked it..and it really disliked me.. I ripped that dumb peplum off ,I know 4 or 5 times.. What possessed me to think and 'old, fat woman could pull this off???"  I looked like a green and pink balloon.ha.. So.. I hung it in the closet, and thought..maybe after, I loose some more weight ,it will look better..[but I really doubted it.]
   Since..we had the ufo challenge, I took it out last night, I ripped the dumb peplum off for the umpteenth time.. I cut it down and reshaped it.. Sewed it back on.. It was much better. It still is not the best thing, I have ever made..But I  did wear it to church today..


  1. I'm so glad this dress worked Judy, it's lovely! It is so bright and cheerful, perfect!

  2. Dear Judy,

    I think you look adorable! But I completely understand the frustration sometimes with vintage patterns...although they are definitely my favorite kind! This is such a summery should get plenty of compliments!

    God bless,

  3. Thankyou Cathe and Laura.. I so apprecaite the sweet remarks.God bless you both.