Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blue Ginger Skirt and Lisette BLouse

[First...let me apologize for the bad photos..It was  a last minute  thing.. A very rushed day.. ]

Blue & White Denim ginger skirt with Blouse from Lisette line..  I did the ginger sewalong with Sunni.It
was so much fun.I learned so many things. "Thanks Sunni". The cute little pockets..  were one of the things I learned from Sunni. She did a great tutorial on the pockets.. And my friend Cathe,  taught me to do the piping. Thankyou Cathe.
   And the Lisette blouse ,was so simple to make. and even though the picture didnt pick up the details. This blouse has a plack on the front ,with buttons going down it.. Really cute.


  1. Dear Judy,

    I've been meaning to stop back for a while now...but have been busy with gardening and all. Your outfit is so adorable! You are a girl after my own heart...always searching for great deals at the thrift stores and such. We have this neat little place located at our transfer station called "Larry's Swap Shop"'s a place to bring things you don't want and to find someone else's treasures! Well, last week I walked in to discover that someone had brought two entire boxes full of patterns...most of them not even used! I went back again today to pick over some...and I think I'll go again on Monday. There were lots of dress patterns from the 60s and 70s. I always love finding great deals!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love, love, love this outfit. I noticed you had your sewing machine on your coffee table, were you trying to convince Kenny you should take it on vacation? Too funny! I'm on to you!

  3. Cathe... you are toooo smart.. that is exactly what I was trying to do.. but needless to say..He didnt fall for it.. His remarks,"Oh.... you have got it bad!" ha.. and then.. You cant take that thing with
    Seriously...It was acting up..and I had him working on it.ha.
    thankyou for all the lovely comments.