Saturday, June 4, 2011

Flea Market Finds-- June 4-11

My flea market finds for June 4-2011
 Navy linen [on right..sorry camera didnt pick it up very good]- 2 1/2 yds.. $2.00
White withe hearts- 2 1/2 yds- $1.00
2 Simplicity patterns [not vintage..but out of date]-- 50 cents each..
 total spent- $4.00
  It was a good flea market today..But soooooo hot.. 100 degrees and really humid, so
therefore..we didnt spend much time there. But I feel really blessed  to have found these
treasures. I have been needing a new navy skirt.. so I see a ginger  colette skirt ,in my


  1. Good Morning Judy!

    I didn't have a chance to comment last night (too tired from working in the garden!) so I thought I'd drop you a quick line before our family gathers for worship. In answer to your question, my two older boys are 24 (they are twins!). One just graduated with a master of divinity this spring. The other has his own business. God has blessed us so much with our sons...they are truly a I'm sure your children are. You must love having grandchildren. I look forward to the day when, Lord willing, my sons meet the young ladies that the Lord has in mind for them. I just loved reading about all the things that you have made for your grandchildren! I think that you and I would so enjoy "thrifting" together if we lived closer!

    Well, time to go...I hope that you have a very blessed Sunday!

  2. Hi Laura,
    Yes...we would have lots of fun 'thrifting"..So fun. We have a flea market here, once a month..I always look forward to hopes of finding some sewing goodies or whatevers.ha
    We have twin grandaughters..They are 6 yrs old now..[girls]. Our son ,who also has his masters in divinity too, has a boy 12 and the twin girls. Our daughter the teacher, has 2 girls that are 10 and 12. We are so blessed too.. Grandchildren are WONDERFUL!!!! You dont have the responsibility of disciplining. you can enjoy them, and leave that mean stuff to the parents.ha And they think you are the grandest thing.. Grandparents are NEVER wrong.ha
    Hope you had a good day at church ..We had a good day..I came home and was just lazy...we just got home from vaccation...and I havent gotten back into the swing of things yet.
    How is your garden? I forgot where you live?? but I am in Mississippi..It is really hot and dry here ,right now.. So. we are having to water ours.. But cant wait for them tomatoes to start coming in.. Nothing better..
    God bless.Judy

  3. Thanks Rosy..Love when I find the 'good bargains". so much fun.. Judy