Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall Essentials Sew Along -2011

I am looking so forward to this sew along with Sarah from Rhinestones & Telephones. I will be gathering
ideas, fabrics, and patterns for this fall sew along and promise to post pictures and ideas real soon.


  1. I lok forward to seeing what your plans will be!

  2. How exciting Judy, I have signed up for this too because I am trying to think through my projects better not just make random things. I love your dresses, what colours are you going to choose? Cx

  3. Hey Both Charolettes.. I am excited that you both are going the FESA too.. I too want to do some needed articles..and not just sew at random.I really like Sarah..She is so sweet.
    I really havent had time to decide..what I am going to make and what fabrics.. I have my grandaughters visiting me this weekend.[yea] ..but when they go home, I am going to go through my closets and see what I need ,and what fabrics I want to use. I will post a color palette and decisions on here and flickr account too..
    Look forward to see what you two will be making too.. Happy sewing.

  4. Yay a plan set into action, super fun!