Thursday, September 29, 2011

Present from a Friend-- [vintage sewing box]

Kenny and I  went to a small antique/thrift store in our small hometown.. We have visited it so much.. Rarely, do we see anything different.. We were browsing around , when my eye caught this little sewing box. It made me think of our past families.  Things were hard in that time.  They used what they had, and every penny was accounted for.  I could just imagine , some little  lady , with her so important sewing box.  It contained nothing  of value,  but memories for  me.
This cigar box, was not cardboard, but a thin wood.  The past owner,  had taken and put small little cardboard boxes inside the cigar box.  Each held , her much needed possessions. Tiny wood spools of thread,  a little pair of rusty scissors, thimbles, and  paper tape measures, an occasional button.  Laying on top of this was,  this big spool of blue thread???  I really wonder,  what this was?  Possiably... something from  a spinning loom?  I don't know? 
I walked away from this  treasure, knowing I had no need for it, and I already have an overflowing sewing room.   I  wandered around the store,  while Kenny talked with the store owner.  While, I was away, Kenny went and bought the  "special  little sewing box" for me. With much delight, I brought  it home, and it sits in my  over crowded sewing room.  Not only does it bring memories of yesteryear.. but of  a very nice day with my thoughtful husband.


  1. How lovely, it has made me reflect on how lucky we are, and I am sure the original owner would be very happy about the new owner of her treasure. Well done Kenny, what a lovely hubbie x

  2. how lovely! Doesn't it make you think that we should look after all our possessions a bit harder and be more thoughtful.

  3. What a lovely, extra thoughtful gift. I love getting a glimpse into people's lives. Such care taken with what little she had. And yes, that looks just like a looming spindle.

  4. I love this little sewing caddy. I totally get it, so sweet and such a cherished item from someone in the past. How wonderful, you will be it's caretaker and enjoy it. Plus how sweet of Kenny, he gets a high "5" for being so thoughtful!