Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FESA 2011-- Fabric/Patterns/Ideas Mood Board

 I have joined the FESA with Sarah. This is an idea of some of the fall things,   I would like to do.  And this is subject to change.
#1- top left-  this is a fall fabric that I want to make a wrap dress.  I love the wrap dresses that Olivia Walton wears on  the Walton shows.  I am going to use this  new pattern  to attempt to make one, similar to hers.  I will use the solid gold for  the collar.
#2- Top right-  This is an aqua teal blue with tiny red and cream flowers..  I will attempt to do this remake of a 50's retro pattern.  I have a  red sweater/cardigan , that will make a  cute fall out fit.
#3-  Bottom left-  This a peice of baby whale corduroy that I have had in my stash. It is green and brown. I want to do  the colette skirt pattern.  [Thankyou Cathe,].  I have a  brown sweater , that will be warm and cozy with this skirt.
#4- Bottom left-  ??????????   I can't decide what to make out of these fabrics.  I love them.  The floral will be some type of blouse.  The gold linen will be a skirt.
  I am looking forward to adding these  items to my fall wardrobe.  And  I have items to match them .

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  1. Judy, you are all set! Your board looks great! I really look forward to seeing the Olivia wrap, I think it will be a real winner!