Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mood Board for FESA-2011

This is my mood board for the FESA -2011.  I used beeclip [thankyou Charolette T]  to make it,
and it was very easy to use.  I am really computer dumb and  it shows,ha.  But , this is an idea of things ,  That I like and colors,  I want to use in this challenge.  I will be adding  some actual fabrics , patterns and ideas that I am intending on doing , as well.
Note:  I just loved this sweater.. I would love to buy a sweater  [no knitting skills here]  and add some lovely details, such as these.


  1. what a lovely cardigan, and those shoes are gorgeous, great mood board, love it Judy xx

  2. Hi Rachel, Fall Essentials Sew Along.. it is with Sarah [telephones and rhinestones].I think it is going to be a really good fall sew along.You do as many or as little ..peices that you want to. It is to add to your fall wardrobe. Check it out..
    Hope your feeling better.

    Hi Charolette T. thankyou.. I loved the cardigan ,when I saw it. WOuld love to buy one and add decorative touches to it.. I am hoping to post pictures of my actual patterns and fabrics soon.What about you? Have you started making decisions yet? Happy sewing.

  3. Judy I love your mood board, And the nice spot of red. I really look forward to seeing it come to life!

  4. Love the dresses and the shoes on your mood board. I can't knit either but I sure wish I could. Can't wait to see your fabric picks etc.