Friday, September 2, 2011

You Never Know What You Might Find at the Thrift/Junk Stores

 I was at our local thrift/junk store recently.. and nothing really caught my eye.  Just as I was fixing to leave.  I saw this adorable , watering can..  It is milk glazed ceramic. With the most beautiful flowers painted on the front. And in my favorite!! I knew,  it had to come home with me..   There was no price tag on it, I held my breath , while asking the clerk the price...When she said $2.00,  I hurriedly paid her , and left with my  wonderful find.  When I got home,  I sit it on my kitchen table, and added some greenery.. Just perfect!! You just never know what you might find at the thrift/junk stores..


  1. Beautiful little can, it's the pretty flowers. Finds like that one are extra special!

  2. Thanks Meeza.. I love it too. And for $2.. Yea.. Love the junk stores..

  3. You are a girl after my heart my friend! There is nothing more fun than finding a treasure that needs a second go-of-it. Your little ceramic watering can is adorable and such a nice bright spot. I do the same thing, find a treasure, at least to me, and admire it endlessly. You just can't go wrong, $2 happiness is hard to come by! Thanks for sharing, I love it too :-)