Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vintage Table Settings

 Do you just love vintage table ware and table cloths.  My friend Cathe, sent me  a blog to look at.  Retro Deco Settings A Day,  I have really enjoyed looking at their daily place settings.  As you all know,  Red is my favorite color,  so Of course,  I tend to pick out  red settings..  But they have so many different colors and ideas.  All of them are beautiful and fun to look at.
  I just love the vintage tablecloth here.

How pretty is the polka do bow  tablecloth?

 Thankyou  Loran for allowing me to use your beautiful pictures of your table settings..  I  have so enjoyed looking at your daily  displays.  Please go to Retro Deco Settings A Day, and check out this blog.  You will love the daily  table settings.


  1. the vintage table cloth is just wonderful ! x x x

  2. You are very welcome : ) I'm happy to share the love with anyone who appreciates it. We're talking about doing an interactive project that will let anyone join with us, hopefully from around the world! We too have an appreciation of a simpler world where less isn't necessarily a bad thing and the way our grandparents lived needs to be remembered and honored.

  3. Didn't mean to leave the last comment anonymously, sorry! It's a Monday... : )

  4. How lovely. That first tablecloth reminds me of this fabric that I have bookmarked on Etsy:

  5. These table settings are so fun! I think about setting them up each day and I'm just impressed Loran has the energy and excitement to do this daily! It certainly is appreciate and worth a visit! I just eat them up and get a little dreamy about each setting!