Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas Tree
I must admit, I just have not been in the
Christmas spirit this year.. But  the tree is
up and now I need the "little fairy " to
come and wrap those presents. Will they
come?  I doubt it!!!

Christmas in Bethlehem Music Box
This was given to me by my son and
daughter in law ,the first year they were
married, 16 yrs ago.. The grandkids
love to to hear the 20 songs it plays and
watch as the people and their animals
go around  and view baby Jesus.. This
is a treasured peice, that  finds its way
out each year.Along with many
other Christmas music boxes.

Christmas Music Box Collection
 I have collected music boxes  for
years. I have about 200 all total,
with about 50-60 being Christmas

Merry Christmas  to each of you.. Hope you and your
families have a Blessed Christmas.


  1. SOOOO pretty!!! I love your music box collection!!!

  2. Hey Girl!

    Wish I lived close by...we could have a wrapping party together! Just love your tree and music boxes...I've been making wreaths...just love the smell of evergreen!

    Hugs to both of you...can you believe it is almost 2013??


    1. That would be sooooooooooo fun.. A wrapping party.. What a shame, we are not next door neighbors.ha
      I love the smell of evergreens too.. Nope ,I can't believe it is almost 2013... Seems like we just got to 2012.. Time is flying.

  3. Well done Judy! It looks very pretty at your house?