Saturday, December 15, 2012

Crafting Christmas Trees with Callie

Callie in deep thought , while decorating her  Trees and
sipping hot chocolate with marshmellow!!
Thank you  Laura from ,All Good Gifts Blog for sharing
 this great idea.. Callie
[my grandaughter]was visiting with us today.. So
she and I , decided to make a Christmas Tree garland
for her mantle in her bedroom.. Once we made the
trees and stuffed them,She decided they needed
decorating... [sorry, I wasn't allowed to take
a photo of her up close, she had her hair in
rollers And in her new 15 minute flannel gown.
,getting ready for her Christmas Play
at church tomorrow)

Red/Green/white stripe trees ..with Buttons Galore!!
Christmas gift fabric.. trees.She did a Teacher tree
with teacher buttons for her mom, who is a high
school history teacher..[how sweet!]
These little trees can be hung on your tree,  or tie them on a gold
cord and make a sweet garland.
More of her decorated trees...

Callie and I had alot of fun today.. I made the little
trees, and Callie stuffed them slightly with batting.
 Callie then picked out her buttons and bows, to
decorate the trees.. [This took a LONG time.,ha]
Nothing says 'HAPPY"  like a Saturday Crafting
with your grandaughter!!!

ps..She came last night, and for got to bring her gown.
So while she was taking her bath, I took some
flannel , laid a tshirt on it for a raglan sleeve
pattern, and serged the majority of it
on my serger.It took,maybe 15 minutes.. And girls,
she loved it.. She didn't  get dressed all day.. She wore
this "wonderful long comfy gown" ..[and this is
what she called it.


  1. Brilliant and treasured crafting time of the year. You had a day of lovely memories with your sweet Granddaughter.

  2. I just love crafternoons.. Specially with kids. I recently spend the afternoon with my other nephew making gingerbread houses. It's so much fun

    1. Rachel. kids are so easy to spend time with.. And They love crafting.And they love for us to spend that one on one time with them.. Bet you had fun making the gingerbread houses...

  3. Good Morning Judy!

    Oh, I'm so glad that you and Miss Callie got a craft day together! Please tell her that I love her trees...they are so adorable! I'm sure that she had just the best day...spending it with Grammie!

    What a great idea for a nightgown! You are one talented lady, my friend! I'm sure that Miss Callie will want to wear this all the time...and probably want one or two more!

    Have a blessed day, sweetie!

    1. Thank you Laura, Callie and I had soooo much fun.. And thank you for sharing the tutorial. She really wanted to go a step futher and 'decorate" ha. I will tell her what you said, she will be thrilled..
      So funny about the 'Quickie nightgown".. She didn't want to get dressed on Saturday.. Papa was teasing her, and telling her she looked like an old lady sitting around in her night clothes. with rollers in her hair.. She just laughed and replied to him, "oh but Papa, I may never take it off, it is so warm and comfortable and I feel like a princess".. Now keep in mind this is a serged quickie nightgown..definitely not a princess made

  4. Oh what fun the two of you had! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Cathe, we had so much fun.. And she took her garland home and called me to tell me , how pretty it looked ,hung on the mantle in her bedroom..SO happy that she enjoyed it.

  5. Those are too cute! What a great project to do with kids.

  6. Now I can really see how adorable these tree are now that I have one, so lovely and sweet!

    1. The day that Callie made all her trees, I made you one too.. We had so much fun..Proud you liked your little tree or package