Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas[Thanksgiving] Cactus

Thanksgiving Cactus .. that waits until Christmas to Bloom!!
Beautiful Fushia  Color Blooms
 I must confess and tell of my love/hate relationship
with this plant.. One Sunday ,several years ago,  several
of us ladies  were talking about blooming cactus.. My
reply was, " they really are not pretty plants, only
when they are blooming, and you have to wait
too long  on the beautiful blooms!!!"  Well, the
next Sunday, 3 different ladies showed up
with me some cuttings [leaves waiting for me to
root].. OH  desperation---- I don't want to mess
with these!!!!! But, I feel too bad to  throw
them away.. So, being the lazy person I am, I tossed
them all in a glass to root.. In no time, they were
all rooted together.. SO,  I just got a little pot
and potted them all together.. I wondered what
I would come up with??? What color?  What month?
 Well. my Thanksgiving cactus,, doesn't bloom unitl
almost Christmas. And only 1/2 of it blooms and it
has these beautiful fushia blooms. Then when they
are all dead and gone ,usually about first of Feburary
 the other 1/2 blooms with a light pink bloom..
So, the moral of the story is:  I  am hooked!!!
even though ,it s ugly for most of the year, the
beauty of the blooms are so worth waiting for..


  1. very pretty plant! Had some that froze a few years back, and I also got 'donations'! Some seasons?? better than others. Thankgiving, coral bloom one did well this year.... The other 3 haven't even budded!! UGH...D.

    1. They definitely have a hard time knowing when the holidays are .lol But, I bet the coral colored one is pretty....when "it" decides to bloom.

  2. heheh your so funny. It does look really pretty, worth the wait :)

    1. Thanks.. The truth to this story is-------- I had decided to just let this ole ugly plant die.. I moved it outside and never watered it during the summer.. Then a couple weeks ago,I noticed the bloom buds were all over.Of course, it had to come in to the house to show us its beauty.. So here we go

  3. Beautiful - here we always call them a Christmas cactus... Once mine bloomed at Easter. :-)

    1. I think they bloom when they want
      Seriously, I read somewhere, It depends on them being in darkness,when they actually bloom. The article said, you could force bloom them what ever time of year, by placing them in a dark room with no sun light for 6 wks and then bring them into a sunlighted room?? Never tried it..
      But it looks like these 2 different plants in my one pot, would have bloomed at the same time,if that were the case.hahahha [I think my plant , just likes to make me wait.ha]

  4. Love the fushia! Of course, me and pink...I'm such a girly-girl! I have one that is bright bright red...
    but hasn't bloomed in 3 years! I might try the 6 weeks of darkness...but I'll probably forget it! LOL! I totally agree with you...they are ugly without the blossoms. But my mom has one that stands about 3 feet high and blossoms all the time! So, I keep figuring, there's hope for know, same genes and all...LOL!

    Have a blessed day, my friend. I'm expecting a miracle...


    1. Laura , I like the fushia color too.. Yep.. I think 3yrs is tooooo long to not bloom [that poor ole plant would probably get left outside in all that snow ya'll get,and hate to tell you, but I think you missed the gene.ha] I think I like your mom's ever blooming one the best..
      praying for miracles here too.

  5. Too funny, I have one that blooms around Easter so it is my Easter cactus. It lives out on the deck during the summer then comes inside for the winter. This winter I found a frog living between the bottom of the pot and the now I have two odd things to contend with all winter long.

    1. How funny Cathe.. I guess the frog will need to hide out from the winter in the good ole warm house.ha
      Aren't these flowers pretty when they bloom. but

  6. I used to have one of are right they look ugly during the year then they bloom and look beautiful! I must get another one

    1. Funny.. I think everyone thinks their ugly.. It is so hard to keep them all year..ha