Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Pillowcases... so fun to make

Set of Pillowcases for a  very special friend!
Always looking for places to embroider ..What  fun!

I decided to make these pillowcases in a fun Christmas
print fabric.. Then added a white border [so the embroidery
work would show up]. I made the bias tape from
a red/white stripe fabric for a contrast to the fabric.
They were so fun to make , and now they are in
the mail to my friend. I also,made one of the sweet
little Christmas trees to adorn the package..[thank
you Laura for teaching me this!! so easy and cute to make!]

 I have almost finished all my Christmas gift making.. So,
it's time to  clean the sewing room, make the candies,
clean the house and get ready for Christmas.


  1. Such beautiful Christmas gifts - the fabric is gorgeous, as too is the embroidery...J

  2. They are sooooo pretty!!!! I am sure they will be much loved!!

    1. Thank you Stacie..
      I can't wait for them to arrive to my friend.. [probably tomorrow]. Hope she likes them..She is so sweet, I am sure she will.

  3. So thoughtful - I am sure they will be loved by their soon-to-be owner

  4. These are darling!!!! I think I may have to borrow this idea. Thank you for sharing your creativity! I don't have an embroidery machine but I could do it by hand I think...
    Have a very merry Christmas dear sewing friend.
    a little bird

    1. Thank you so much.. So proud you want to make them too. Can't wait to see yours..
      I am thinking about doing the grandkids one and do some cute kids print fabric..
      Hope you and family have a blessed and Merry Christmas..

  5. Oh Im the lucky recipient and I can tell you these pillowcases are beautiful and adorable. Judy you made my Christmas all the more special. These pillowcases will be treasured forever and adorn our pillow every Christmas! Plus there was a sweet little puffy tree ornament tied to the gift, super cute!

    1. Thank you Cathe, so proud you liked them..

  6. Oh, what a fabulous idea, Judy! I'm still soooooo jealous over your embroidery machine...LOL! I've been diligently watching craigslist for a good used machine...hopefully someday! (deep sigh!)

    Love the "theme" pillowcase idea. I recently read a blog where a lady made "holiday" cases for her guest room...whatever the upcoming holiday...she adorned her pillows with appropriate cases. Such a cute idea!

    Sweet blessings,

    1. Thank you Laura. Love the ladies idea of doing themes for all the holidays..That would be so fun.
      Hope you find a good used embroider machine, maybe you will find a singer futura and I can help you , if you need any help. When I first got mind, I was totally lost. Didnt know where to start [but you have to remember, I am computer that was my].. Once you find one, I will definitely share my designs with you. I have thousands. [yes I am an embroidery design hoarder, as I am a fabric hoarder,ha]